Thank you for visiting our website. “Bridges of Saint Mark”, a ministry of St. Mark Catholic Church in Lancaster, Ohio. BoSM hopes to help the Rach Suc Mission Church and its community in Can Tho, Vietnam in the form of projects. Our intentions are to set certain projects as goals and work to fulfill them. Our recent efforts have focused more on water filtration and purification. As we grow, we hope to help in other ways; such as, playground for the children, transportation, facilities for the many Vietnamese doctors and teachers who volunteer on a weekly and sometimes on a daily basis, and whatever the needs might be.

It is also our hope that we cultivate a spiritual bond with these dear people – that we get to know them and they get to know us – that we learn the benefit of belonging to a Church that is much larger than ourselves and that we discover once again that love and support for one another is part of our intrinsic nature.

Pray for us – and pray for the success of “Bridges of Saint Mark”.

Thank You,

Randall Tipple


   Debra Kaminski – Director of Planning, Communication, and Outreach Education.                                                                                                                




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