Introducing Our New Director of Planning

Bridges of Saint Mark is very pleased to announce and welcome Debra Kaminski as the Director of Planning, Communication, and Outreach Education.

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Rach Suc’s New Satellite Community

Father Minh says that, “It’s a totally new community.

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2016 Update to the Rach Suc Facilities and More

Just returning from a twenty two day visit with our friends at the Rach Suc Mission Church in Can Tho, Vietnam, Louis Lugo and I are pleased to report how much progress has been made…






Food and Medical Supplies for the poor at Rach Suc

…medical supplies, over-the-counter medicines and food, such as rice, noodles, fish and eggs for the poor…

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Bridges of Saint Mark Moves Forward



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Helping the Rach Suc Mission Church in Can Tho, Vietnam Do It's Work

Another Successful TATE 5k Event

Words cannot express how grateful we are at BoSMark for the faithful sponsors, participants and volunteers who supported and worked so hard to see the success of the 2nd Annual TATE 5k -Taylor Pierron Memorial Event. To be quite honest, the success of this 5k has surpassed all of our expectations. It is also of utmost importance that we thank...
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UPDATE – On Current Work at Rach Suc

In May of last year, 2014, Bridges of Saint Mark successfully delivered one hundred Hydraid Biosand Water Filters to the Rach Suc community in Can Tho, Vietnam. Adding that to the number that was delivered the year before, there are now one hundred and thirty one total. It is our understanding that approximately ten of those are yet to be...
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Article in the Catholic Times

What a Blessing!!! Because this coming Sunday, October 19th, is World Missions Sunday, The Catholic Times Newspaper focus’ on several missions that profoundly affect people’s lives. We are so pleased to announce that in the October 12th issue, we had the opportunity to write about our mission to the Rach Suc community in Can Tho, Vietnam. World Mission Sunday, organized...
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3000 Chairs for Rach Suc

Recently, funds from Bridges of Saint Mark were sent to the Rach Suc Mission Church to: Purchase chairs for the children, teachers, parents and community who converge on Rach Suc Mission Church for the countless events that take place there. Repair and update restroom facilities that are in desperate need of attention. Repair the water tower.  The chairs were recently...
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A Tremendous Help

As we were busy stewing about how we were going to successfully deliver 100 more Hydraid Biosand Water Filters on the other side of the world, not to mention implement them, Father Nguyen Khac Minh (Father Michael), priest at the Rach Suc Mission Church, invited our son Louis to visit and stay with them for a couple of months. To...
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A Visit From Professor Thanh H. (Helen) Nguyen

  December of 2013, we (Bridges of St. Mark) received an unexpected email from an associate professor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Thanh H. (Helen) Nguyen. She explained how she and her students were, “…water treatment engineers. We can help the people to use the filters more effectively. I plan to take a group of Illinois students to Saigon...
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Dedicated Volunteer Teachers and Doctors Helping the Community Surrounding the Rach Suc Mission Church.

When we visit the Rach Suc Mission Church in Can Tho, it does not take very long to see how the community in the surrounding area benefits from its work. It is not just a service to the Catholic community but a help to all those in need. Your donation to Bridges of Saint Mark, no matter the amount, will...
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Expression of Thankfulness

Father Michael, Nguyễn Khắc Minh and his vicar Father Francis Xavier, Dinh Trong Tu, wish to express their deep appreciation for the work of Bridges of Saint Mark. After a busy – or should I say – exhausting week of visiting the poor, preparing for the traditional Vietnamese Children’s Festival, making an instruction video in the Vietnamese language on how...
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