Funds Sent to Help Complete Dormitories at Rach Suc


In Mid-October 2015, Bridges of Saint Mark ministry sent funds to help the Rach Suc Mission Church complete two dormitories to provide temporary housing for poor students in their region and outlying areas who attend the nearby University of Can Tho. One of the dormitories constructed on the Church grounds, which is approximately 3 to from the university, is for the young men. The second dormitory for the young women is a renovated building in the city of Can Tho. Currently, the dormitories are occupied by ten young men and seven young women. They hope to expand this effort to assist the poor students in procuring a good education.

 It was during our first visit in 2012 that Father Michael (Nguyễn Khắc Minh) and his vicar Father Francis Xavier (Dinh Trong Tu) expressed their desire to provide a place for poor students to live while studying at the University. Father Michael voiced his concern about the many obstacles that often prevent the poor from changing their ongoing, generational struggles; the primary cause – lack of education. Providing free temporary housing for the poor students greatly helps Rach Suc meet a need in their community that could mean the possibility of ending the cycle of poverty for the families involved.

There are a few rules for those living in the dormitories.

First, they must be poor.

Second, they must maintain good grades and stay out of trouble.

Third, must meet with Father Minh once a week to learn how to be a good moral person and learn about the Life of Christ (when allowable).

And finally, they must promise to help Rach Suc a little financially after they graduate and get a good job.

Many Thanks to those who have given to Bridges of Saint Mark to help make projects such as this possible. The help we give to the Rach Suc Mission Church is received with great thankfulness and humility. Please consider your continued support.

Dormitory for Young Men

Dormitory for Young Women



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