Another Successful TATE 5k Event

Words cannot express how grateful we are at BoSMark for the faithful sponsors, participants and volunteers who supported and worked so hard to see the success of the 2nd Annual TATE 5k -Taylor Pierron Memorial Event. To be quite honest, the success of this 5k has surpassed all of our expectations.
It is also of utmost importance that we thank the Pierron Family for choosing Bridges of Saint Mark as the TATE 5k benefactors. Not having participated in a 5k much less organize one, we had no idea what to expect. Much to our astonishment, the first TATE 5k Event in 2014 had over 250 participants. Not 25 – Not 50 – Not even 100 – but 250!!! And the 2nd Annual TATE5k Event had closer to 280 participants. Small potatoes for some, but for us, we were flabbergasted.

Next year let’s shoot for 300!!!

We do realize that much work is needed to improve how online registrations are completed. We will work hard to find a way to remove the confusion for the 2016 event.

One more thing – we need to take note of one very noticeable characteristic that we found at the TATE 5k Events – and that is, there was not one frown on anyone’s face during the whole event. Literally, everyone was smiling, full of laughter and light-hearted joy. You can’t beat that.


All the proceeds, derived from the TATE5k event goes to help the Rach Suc Mission Church community in Can Tho, Vietnam.

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