2017 Children’s Summer Program Underway

It’s that time of year again when approximately a thousand children and nearly two hundred student volunteers gather at the Rach Suc Mission Church for their Annual Children’s Summer Program. For seven weeks, Monday through Friday; from 7:00 in the morning till late afternoon, children of all ages eagerly and joyfully gather to study subjects like math, science, English, (not to mention run and play) and have lots of fun. There seems to be a constant, nonstop sound of music and singing going on with different age groups taking their turn practicing a dance or a skit for their weekends, “Rach Suc’s Got Talent” competition.

For the ministers and volunteers at the Rach Suc Mission Church, the Summer Program is a huge undertaking. To organize the volunteers, class materials, transportation, food, etc. would be enough responsibility for the average person, not to mention, piling on top of that, the obligation and concern for the safety and wellbeing of all the children.

This year, in our efforts to put a dent in some of the house-keeping concerns, we helped fund the addition of large garbage containers, trash cans and brooms.


One aspect, not always considered when so many children converge in one place, is the amount of litter generated and thrown on the ground. Volunteer cleanup crews and anyone able to hold a broom are asked to help pick up after the children. We suggested that they encourage their volunteer teachers to help the children understand the importance of taking care of their environment. That’s why, on the trash cans is a sign saying, “Do Not Litter, Please Help Keep Vietnam Beautiful”.

Also, according to Father Minh, out of the one thousand children participating in the Summer Program, two hundred children qualify for a free lunch every day. That’s two hundred children receiving a free lunch for seven weeks; a total of seven thousand meals. For that we were able to offer some assistance.

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