Special Thanks to the Pierron family

Our friends at the Rach Suc Mission Church wanted to especially thank the Pierron Family for their support of Bridges of Saint Mark, a ministry that works to help the Rach Suc Mission Church in Can Tho, Vietnam do its Work.

As many may already know, the Pierron Family launched the Annual TATE 5k Event in May of 2014 in memory of their son Taylor Pierron who passed away after a tragic accident on a 4 wheel ATV. Amid the grief and sorrow of the loss of their son, Beth and Rob Pierron were determined that the legacy of their beloved son would live on – and so it has.

The help and support we receive from the TATE 5k Event has greatly Blessed our friends in Can Tho, Vietnam. Together We Have implemented water filtration systems for the poor families, sent funds for medical supplies and rice for the poor, expanded an area on the church property to help the poor farmers dry rice, sent funds to help them build and establish dormitories for poor students who attend the nearby university and facility maintenance. For them, Bridges of Saint Mark is a beacon of hope.


Please consider your continued support and Pray for the Rach Suc Mission and for Bridges of Saint Mark.

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